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Tora Scrolls
"Oter Israel" produces expertly written Torah scrolls. Only ordained scribes who meet the strictest requirements are engaged in this sacred task. The highest professional skill, total religious devotion, and the exacting fulfillment of the requirements of Jewish law are necessary conditions for the scribes employed by "Oter Israel".

Maimonides (Mishneh Torah, Laws of the Torah Scroll 7:1) writes, based on the Talmud (Sanhedrin 21b) : "It is a positive commandment for each individual in Israel to write a Torah scroll for himself, as it is said, `Therefore, write down this song` (Deuteronomy 31:19), that is, write for yourselves a Torah [scroll] that contains this song." Maimonides continues: "And if one does not know how to write [a Torah scroll], others write for him."

Relatives are often memorialized by the commission of the writing of a Torah scroll.
The fulfillment of this positive commandment, the realization of the life`s dream and aspiration of generations of Jews, is possible today, and more achievable than ever, with the help of Oter Israel.

The writing of a Torah scroll takes approximately one year to complete, with the scribe engaged in this labor from five to six hours each day, after immersing in the purifying waters of a ritual bath (Mikve) every day. "Oter Israel" has already produced hundreds of Torah scrolls, for satisfied customers throughout Israel and Jewish communities across the globe. Torah scrolls are available from "Oter Israel" in a wide range of sizes, including miniature Torah scrolls that are as small as 12 cm. in height. Those who wish to keep a Torah scroll in their home especially favor these strictly kosher Torah scrolls.

The Torah scrolls of "Oter Israel" are written in accordance with every custom: Beit Yosef, Ari, and Sefardi. Like all the other products of "Oter Israel", the Torah scrolls are written only on shelil parchment, thus ensuring the absolute fitness of the scroll for many years.

A special department in "Oter Israel" specializes in the renewal of Torah scrolls, including their thorough examination and corrections, when needed. All of the accessories for a Torah scroll may also be ordered from "Oter Israel", including finials (rimonim), etzei-chayyim (the wooden handles of the scroll), mantles, crowns, and pointers for the Reader (yadayim).
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