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Saved in War - by Merit of the Tefillin
During the Peace for Galilee War, a certain soldier was accustomed to put on Tefillin every day. One day`s fighting was very difficult, and the soldier did not have time to put on his Tefillin in the morning, which is the optimal time for the performance of the commandment. It is permitted, however, to put on Tefillin from sunrise to sunset. As the sun began to sink in the west, the soldier asked himself: What? I won`t put on Tefillin today? He decided to run to his tent to put them on.

After removing his Tefillin, he heard a tremendous explosion. He ran over and saw that the tank in which he had been sitting only a moment before was completely destreoyed, with pieces of metal scattered all around. He immediately understood that the merit of the Tefillin had saved his life.


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