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Tefillin 22mm
Oter Israel`s "22 mm" Tefillin:
The 22 mm Tefillin cases from "oter Israel" are made from choice skins. The skins are carefully selected and the cases are made by hand in a very precise and long process, with full care given during all the stages of production.
The Tefillin parchments used in our "22 mm "Tefillin are "meudarim" according to the Jewish law and beautiful as well as can be seen in the sample on this page.
The 22 mm Tefillin are especially made for wearing 2 pairs (Rashi & Rabenu Tam) together.
The 22 mm Tefillin are also used as traveling Tefillin
The Tefillin can be purchased ready made at our factory or can be shipped to you.
Bar mitzvah boy can also come to the factory and participate in putting the Tefillin together as well as having a tour of the factory. If you are interested in this, please indicate so at the time of ordering.



לחץ להגדלה


לחץ להגדלה

Beit Yosef

לחץ להגדלה
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