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Writing li-shma for Its Own Sake

By themselves, the holy written articles: the Mezuzah, the Tefillin, the Torah scroll, and the Megillah are merely inanimate objects: leather, parchment, and ink.
The parchment, the leather, and the ink become holy articles by their processing and writing li-shma - for the sake of the sanctity of Tefillin, Mezuzah, Megillah, or Torah scroll. By his intent, his speech, and his actions, the scribe links these inanimate objects with the spiritual realms. Without the intent of the scribe to write them "li-shma," Torah scrolls, Tefillin, Megillot, and Mezuzot do not become sacred articles, and the scribe is a mere copyist of Biblical verses, with his writing lacking any sanctity.


All the scribes of "Oter Israel" are pious individuals who have been invested with the authority to write Torah scrolls, Tefillin, Mezuzot, and Megillot. They have been carefully chosen for their expertise, adherence to Torah, and their dedication to the requirements that Jewish law imposes upon the writing of these holy objects.

The atmosphere of sanctity that reigns at "Oter Israel", the dedication and spirit of its staff, all ensure the meticulous and uncompromising fulfillment of this hallowed mission.

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