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The Greatness of the Commandment of Tefillin

It once happened that the Vilna Gaon was sitting enwrapped in his Talit and encrowned with his Tefillin and studying Torah. Thieves heard that there was gold and silver in the Gaon`s apartment. They entered the apartment, and demanded the gold and silver from the Gaon`s pupils. They replied, "We have no gold or silver here." The thieves did not know that there was Torah here, and not gold and silver. The pupils began to shout, and the Gaon came out of his room, with his Talit and Tefillin on him. When the thieves saw him, they made haste to flee.
The pupils asked the Gaon: "We, too, are wearing Talit and Tefillin - why are they not afraid of us?"
The Vilna Gaon replied: "It is written, `And all the peoples of the earth shall see that the Lord`s name is proclaimed over you, and they shall stand in fear of you` - these are the head Tefillin, not those on the head, but in the head, that a person should not be distracted as long as they are on his head."


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