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What Can Be Learned from a Transistor Radio?

It is related of the great Torah scholar, Rabbi Eliyahu Lapian, of blessed memory, that he once saw a person holding a small transistor radio. When he heard a voice coming forth from it, he asked, quite surprised, "Is it really possible to operate this without it being connected to the electricity?" When the person answered in the affirmative, Rabbi Lapian continued to ask: "And what will happen if the radio is missing even a small screw, then it certainly cannot work, is this not so?" When the person he asked replied that this was so, the rabbi said: "Then if this is the case, why is it so difficult to believe that here on one`s head is a small box [i.e., Tefillin], that draws a ray of sanctity from above, without any visible connection, all by means of its contents, that are the passages that were written in absolute perfection and holiness, and if even the tip of a single letter is missing, the action is harmed and the Divine plenty ceases?"


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