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Batim from sheep hides
Batim of this type are divided into two categories:
  1. Simple mehudar Tefillin:
    In the batim of these Tefillin, the entire ketzizah of the bayit is made of a single hide. These Tefillin are fit from the outset (le-chatchilah), and therefore meet the stringent requirements that Oter Israel sets for all its products.
  2. Simple Tefillin:
    These batim are made of many pieces of sheep leather that are glued to each other, without even a single piece of leather that unites them into a single unit, as in the type known as "Tefillin from a single piece of leather." The halakhic standing of such Tefillin is so low that some authorities entirely invalidate them. Accordingly, Oter Israel neither produces nor markets this type of Tefillin.


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