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The "Tefillin for Generations" project

he quality of the batim of Tefillin is dependent in great measure upon the amount of time allotted for their drying, especially in the later stages of the production of the batim. The slower and more thorough the drying during the creation of the perfect square shape by grinding, the better the production process and the higher the quality of the Tefillin.


"Oter Israel" has initiated a special project entitled "Tefillin for Generations." This undertaking is intended to encourage the public to upgrade the Tefillin that they purchase for their children and grandchildren - and also to arouse the anticipation and interest of the child, and, indeed, of the entire family as well, in their relationship to the commandment of Tefillin, and especially to the particular pair of Tefillin that are designated for this child when he reaches Bar Mitzvah age.

Parents or grandparents can order Tefillin from Oter Israel when the son/grandson is born, at his Brit Milah, or at any time after this.

As soon as the order is received, a special box is prepared at Oter Israel containing the ox hide from which the Tefillin will be made. The name of the person placing the order, the name of the newborn, and the date of the Bar Mitzvah are recorded on this container.
This moment marks the beginning of all the activities connected with the production of the Tefillin that have been ordered: the actual work, and the interim periods of time allocated for the drying of the leather, all in a manner that ensures the highest standard of excellence.
The members of the Bar Mitzvah boy`s family, and of course the child himself, are invited to visit whenever they wish (please call first!) to see the Tefillin in the making with their own eyes, and to be fully briefed on the progress of the holy labor.

Special ceremonies may be conducted when the Tefillin are ordered, when the Torah passages are placed in the batim, and when the Tefillin are presented to the Bar Mitzvah boy. The ceremony conducted at the ordering of the Tefillin can also include the writing of the first letters of the passages themselves.

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