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The symbolism entailed in the putting on of Tefillin

The Tefillin symbolize the eternal bond between the people of Israel and G-d, and attest that the person attired in them is a Jew connected to his heritage, as is stated in the passage of "Consecrate to Me every first-born," one of the

passages in the Tefillin: "And this shall serve you as a sign on your hand and as a reminder on your forehead - in order that the teachings of the L-rd may be in your mouth" (Exodus 13:9).
The manner in which the Tefillin are put on also is highly symbolic: they are placed on the head and on the hand. The head represents the intellect, thought, and logic. The Jew who puts his Tefillin on his head is declaring by this very act that his thoughts are linked to Jewish tradition, and that he subordinates his mind and his thoughts to the L-rd and His Torah. The arm stands for power, the act and its implementation. The Jew who places the Tefillin on his arm thereby declares that he is conducting himself in accordance with Jewish practice.


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